• Education. Community. Nature.

    Education. Community. Nature.

    Eager to Work. Curious about Development.

  • Urban. Little Open Space. Interior.

    Urban. Little Open Space. Interior.

    outside: sustainable brickwork - inside: frame construction

  • Transparency versus Brickwork

    Transparency versus Brickwork

    A School campus next door to a Historic Monument

  • Excellent Acoustic

    Excellent Acoustic

    these days particularly needed

  • small social mix

    small social mix

    making Heimat

  • housing above old heating plant

    housing above old heating plant

    conversion +

  • Care. Preservation. Conversion.

    Care. Preservation. Conversion.

    Conservation of culture influences our living positively.

  • Schoolpavillon - Orangery

    Schoolpavillon - Orangery

    with Minimalism to Transparency

  • New Learning

    New Learning

    in small learning units

  • Conversion Telegraph Office

    Conversion Telegraph Office

    excursion into the 1930s

  • Topographic Respond

    Topographic Respond

    Link between Manor House and Main School Grounds

  • L-shaped School Building

    L-shaped School Building

    providing a playground

  • Larch Wood Cover

    Larch Wood Cover

    a regrowing natural resource

What we do


Urban Design

Our main aim is the creation of spaces with atmosphere – a synergy between arranging buildings and their elements, in respect of preserving nature, and in consideration of all other urban and social requirements.


Our design combines logic with art / Our design is rational and artistic at the same time – it is sustainable, ecological, of solid quality, and state of the art.

Interior Design

Careful choice of material – with a spot of color. Classic.



Allgemein /

list of literature

Schlandt, Joachim: Ökonomische und politische Aspekte des Wiener Sozialen Wohnungsbaus der Jahre 1922 bis 1934, in: Die Wiener Superblocks, Veröffentlichung zur Architektur an der TU Berlin, Berlin 1969 Janssen, Jörn; Krause, Joachim; Schlandt, Joachim: Stadtplaner und Reformgeister, Voltaire Flugschriften, Berlin 1970; Arch+, Berlin 1970 Schlandt, Joachim: Die Kruppsiedlungen – Wohnungsbau im Interesse eines Industriekonzerns, in: […]
Projects /


Preliminary rendering of a living room with high ceiling and three-sided windows.