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Joachim Schlandt

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Joachim Schlandt

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt

Dedicated by his mother to become a violinist he became an enthusiastic architect with passion.

Joachim Schlandt studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and the Technical University of Berlin. After his graduation, he became assistant lecturer at the chair of Oswald Matthias Ungers. He continued his scientific career at the Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU) in Darmstadt.

After establishing his own architectural office, he put his focus on the development of school campuses and the design and planning of school buildings, where he successfully led and accompanied the foundation and long-term development of a number of international schools.

In all his work, his attention not only lies on the successful end result, but also on the implementation of a fruitful process for all stages of a project.

Ulrike Raschke-Schlandt

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Architektin

After starting studying architecture it became clear it was the right decision of her.

After graduating at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, she began working with Joachim Schlandt.

In many of the shown projects she was involved in all project stages, from the concept to detailed planning.

The optimization of the design, in particular floor plans is her speciality. A good design is achieved, when all parts fit together like a puzzle.

Ulrike Raschke-Schlandt



Delicate, avant-garde appearance

Intelligent, user-friendly floor plans

Flexible design


Reducing the footprint of every building

Avoiding unnecessary consumption of land

Addition of further storeys




Renewable resources

Sanitarily and ecologically safe

Durable and long-lasting

Low maintenance

Cost Saving

Optimized floor plans

Environmental sustainability

Harmony with surroundings

Maximizing the use of renewal energy

Minimizing the energy consumption


Intelligent reuse and refurbishment of existing facilities

Careful conversions


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